Belwood Junior School

Welcome to Belwood Junior School​

Enrollment for 2024 now in progress.

Belwood Junior School was established in Sandton Park, Mt
Hampden in 2018 to cater for ECD through to Junior Level. The Toddlers Class is coming soon so that all age groups are included. We became a center of excellence and with the encouragement of parents, the community and stakeholders, Belwood Junior School was established in 2018 to cater for ECD through to Junior level. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

The school engages learners in other activities that complement the New Curricular in order to explore and Strengthen acquired skills in a practical way.


Dive into the harmonious realm of melodies, rhythms, and emotions. Explore the language of sound through instruments, vocals, and composition, unlocking the power to evoke feelings and create unforgettable auditory experiences.

Art and Design

Unleash your creativity in the vibrant world of visual expression. Merge imagination with technique, shaping ideas into compelling artworks. From traditional brush strokes to digital masterpieces, discover the endless possibilities where aesthetics and innovation converge.

Agriculture Practicals

Cultivate hands-on expertise in the field of agriculture. From sowing seeds to nurturing crops, delve into the practical aspects of sustainable farming. Gain skills in soil management, crop cultivation, and livestock care, fostering a connection between theory and real-world agricultural challenges.

Our Curriculum

Belwood Junior School implements the New Primary and Secondary Education curriculum (2015-2022). We aim to help children to acquire knowledge and develop skills, and concepts that are relevant to their environment using a holistic approach.

Infant School Level ( ECD to Grade 2)

Junior School Level (Grade 3 to 7)

Discover the Key Features that Set Us Apart from Other Schools

At Belwood Junior School, we provide a nurturing environment where students can thrive academically and personally. Our dedicated teachers and comprehensive curriculum ensure that every child receives a well-rounded education.

Join our vibrant community of learners and embark on an educational journey where curiosity is celebrated, potential is unleashed, and every child is valued. At Belwood, we offer a holistic and engaging curriculum from Early Childhood Development (ECD) A and B to Grade 1 through 7.